Monday, January 14, 2013

Hot and Cool



Depending on which generation you are from, the Republican Party is the hottest or the coolest political party on the planet. The primordial magisterial classes, supported by establishment churches, media and universities, would have you believe otherwise. But they, like their counterparts in societies throughout history from the Roman Republic to pre-revolutionary France, to the Soviet Union, want to keep their power and prerogatives, so they project their own moldering ideas and reactionary qualities on Republicans.  But the empirical facts support how hot and cool the Republican Party is:

  • Republicans believe that people can run their own affairs without the ancien regime telling them what to do.  Republicans support parental choice for education, retirement choice for Social Security, individual choice for family health care.  Think about it:  no other major political movement in world history has at its core tenet the belief that individuals can run their own lives.  All other political movements proclaim they are the saviors of the benighted masses.
  • Because Republicans believe that people are intelligent enough to run their own affairs, we believe in small government.  This idea is truly revolutionary and very hot—or cool.  Dispersing power to the people, rather than amassing power to one’s own political party is so radical that no other major political movement has embraced the idea.    
  • Republicans believe, like Martin Luther King, that individuals must be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin or their station in life.  Republicans appreciate individuals, whereby the antediluvians in the American Establishment judge people by their skin color, ethnic background, gender, or sexual orientation.  Judging individuals by the color of their skin, their gender or ethnic heritage is so nineteenth century.  
  • Republicans believe in freedom.  Other political movements may talk about freedom, but Republicans actually believe in individual freedom.  We believe that our First Amendment rights should be vigorously defended. People should be able to practice their religion without being sued by the government for discrimination, or punished by the government for failing to follow government regulations that violate an individual’s religious beliefs. We believe in free speech, and oppose university speech codes, government regulation or subsidy of broadcast media, or jailing dissidents who dare question the prophet Mohammed.  We also believe that the freedom given to us by the Second Amendment should also be vigorously defended against government infringement.  
  • Republicans believe that people, not government, can solve the problems of our day.  The magisterial classes continually find “outrage” and “catastrophe” occurring, for which amassing government power and imposing government regulations are the only solutions. The result is a 21st century Puritanism, far more rigorous than the 17th century version, where nearly every aspect of our personal lives is regulated by the government in the name of safety, environmental protection, or fairness.
  • Republicans believe in private enterprise, not government subsidized and controlled industries. This is truly revolutionary.  Governments have favored certain businesses through subsidies, tax preferences, regulations and outright ownership since governments began, from the dynasties of Egypt and the patronage system of ancient Rome through the medieval guild system to modern day Nazism and communism.  This ancient idea that governments favor certain businesses is supported by the aristocrats in Washington and opposed by  Republicans. 


  • Republicans believe that civil discourse and civilized debate, and not name calling, should be the norm, not the exception in the 21st Century.  The establishment would have you believe that it favors civil discourse.  The opposite is true.  Vicious attacks, cheap shots, and ridicule on those men and women who dare question the aristocrats in Washington are de rigeur for the establishment.  Republicans and conservatives are called greedy, stupid, racist, liars, crazy and unpatriotic.  Our own Sen. Sanders, for example, has used these terms repeatedly when speaking about Republicans and conservatives in his speeches, his memoirs, and on his website.   


  • Finally, survey after survey over the decades has come to the same conclusion: Republicans or political “conservatives” (the establishment’s name for people who love freedom) are happier, more generous and even have a larger circle of friends than “liberals”.   


So, if you are into revolutionary politics, or just want to be hotter, cooler, or happier, the Republican party is the place for you.