Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time for Totalitarianism

Democrat Douglas LaFollette, the Wisconsin Secretary of State, who by the way, has failed to discharge his duty to publish the budget repair bill that was passed several weeks ago--resulting in the law not going into effect,  said at a Madison rally yesterday that conservatives "have brainwashed approximately 50 percent of the voters in our state."   Mr. La Follette echoes Bernie Sanders' opinion about the voters.  In Sanders' book, "Outsider in the House", Sanders said  ordinary citizens are "ignorant" and prone to "fear" when they vote for Republicans.   

So, that's it.  We're too stupid for democracy.  If millions are prone to brainwashing, then we need totalitarian leaders who will dispense with pesky elections and rule in our best interest.   After all, if we can be so easily brainwashed,  we certainly cannot take care of ourselves. 

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  1. Bernie Sanders arrogance and condescension is exemplified by his assumptions that his constituents are not quite bright enough to understand the contradictions in his simplistic policy statements. For example, he claims to be working for the "shrinking middle class" yet he promotes energy policies that will dramatically increase the cost of energy for the middle class.