Thursday, June 2, 2011

BBC's Liberal Bias on Display in London

Debbie and I had a good time visiting London for several days in May.  We were concerned when we heard that President Obama was planning to be in town while we were there because we envisioned crowds and traffic tie-ups.  While walking around London on May 24th, a beautiful sunny day, we happened to arrive at Downing Street just as Obama's motorcade arrived for a cookout with the prime minister.  There were hundreds of police officers, hundreds of protesters across the street (protesting U.S. involvement in Afghanistan), and a crowd of casual onlookers.  One of them asked us if we were there to see Obama and when we said "no", he responded "me neither, I just want to cross the street".   We then proceeded up the Mall toward Buckingham Palace.  The Mall was impressive with alternate American and British flags lining both sides, but there were no crowds, only tourists, and lots of police and baricades as if large crowds had been expected.

Upon our return to the hotel that evening, we watched the BBC news. As expected, the BBC gushed over the Obama's visit, how beautiful Michelle looked, etc., etc.  There was no mention of the protesters, no mention of the lack of crowds, and no mention of Obama's gaffe during his toast to the Queen at the State dinner which she hosted at Buckingham Palace.  Typical BBC.  

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