Wednesday, July 6, 2011

VPR: Bernie Sander's taxpayer funded radio station

VPR is at it it is nearly every day.  Today, they had a "story" about Sanders support for "raising revenue"--a Democrat talking point for raising taxes dutifully parroted by VPR.  Sanders stated we needed to have "shared sacrifice" --another talking point for raising taxes on the "rich",  who pay far more than their fair share of taxes than other segments of the population.  Sanders of course was not talking about the 49% of Americans who pay no income tax at all--and VPR would never ever question Sanders' hypocrisy on that issue.   Instead it also quoted a "professor",  who of course praised Sanders.  And of course there is absolutely no opposing view broadcast by VPR.  Sanders bashed Republicans, but VPR would never ever ask any Republican to rebut Sanders.  VPR does not even consider asking Pat McDonald,  Vermont Republican Chair, for comment.  When Sanders wants to promote himself, all he needs to do is call up VPR.   Taxpayers should not be funding this station.


  1. It is for reasons like this I don't listen to VPR and have switched to Sirius Satellite radio. Also we must never forget it was Sanders who got UPC Wind, now First Wind a one million dollar grant to begin ruining the northeast Kingdom by destroying mountainsides for an electric generation Ponzi scheme. Will he be taking credit for Vermonters getting the highest electric bills they have ever received?

  2. I listen to VPR; and then Fox News on Sirius radio when I travel to work in the morning. I hear liberal platitude on VPR, and the real story on Fox News. The other day was a good example: NPR stated that Republicans "claimed" the President walked out of the debt ceiling talks, and Democrats "said" it did not happen. Then NPR had the President's Press secretary speak. He said "We need real leadership..."etc.
    The message is clear: Republicans were lying; and the real leadership comes from the President. I have heard NPR do this before: Republicans "claim" something; Democrats "say" something. On Fox, I learned the real story about the President's juvenile tactics, saying "Don't call my bluff"...I never heard those details on NPR.