Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sanders and Bush memoirs

I am finishing reading Pres. Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points.”  At the same time I was reading the President’s book,  I read Bernie Sanders’ book, “Outsider in the House.”  The contrast was startling: the Bush memoir revealed a man who is gracious, modest and knowledgeable.  The Sanders memoir revealed a man who is hateful, arrogant and ignorant.  For example, whle Bush never demeans his opponents, and always assumes they act in good faith,  Sanders always assumes his opponents are acting in bad faith.  He calls Republicans every name in the book, and never has one good word to say about Republicans.  Not one.  Sanders also knows nothing about economics, and appears to be proud of that fact.

One thing I will say about the book, though:  where Sanders is clear and cogent is when he talks about the mechanics of campaigning.  The book should be read by Vermont politicians as campaign "how to" book.

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