Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vermont Democrats throw Vermonters under the bus

Vermont Democrats have just voted to reduce Vermont's clout in Presidential elections.    The Electoral College gives Vermont 3 electors--a far larger proportion than Vermont's popular vote in proportion to the U.S. population.    Vermont's vote is .06% of the Electoral College vote count.  That is definitely small, but with the popular vote, Vermont proportion of the vote is 1/3 of its Electoral College percentage--or .02% of the popular vote.  As True North notes, the Electoral College was set up to benefit rural states like Vermont. Why are Vermont's Democrats  throwing away Vermont's rural state advantage in the Electoral College?Because national Democrats complain that the system gives more clout to rural states, which, on balance, tend to vote Republican.

So, Vermont Democrats are more loyal to the national Democratic ideology than to their own constituents.

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