Monday, March 21, 2011

Bucket List

Charlie and I travelled to Scottsdale Arizona to visit with my Aunt and cousin and their family.  We took an overnight trip to the Grand Canyon.  The day was gray and cloudy; the weather was coolish and windy.  Never mind. My first look at the Grand did not take my breath away--it involuntarily brought tears to my eyes.  There are no words to describe the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, even on a dullish gray day.  Put it on your bucket list, if you haven't seen it.

We visited my 96 year old Aunt, and she is an inspiration to women everywhere.  She still has blonde bouffant hair, and is impeccably made up.  Until a few weeks ago, she was driving her 1973 Mustang...and she is now reluctantly selling it to an enthusiastic 14 year old from California.  She has a crystal clear memory, and a mischievous sense of humor.  Fun to visit her and her family!

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