Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VPR's biases are showing again

This morning, VPR broadcast yet another story about Vermont Yankee.  In the story they interview someone from  Vermont Public Interest Research Group, (VPIRG) a far left organization who has been on a (pardon the politically incorrect word)  crusade against Vermont Yankee for decades.  Of course, VPR does not identify the group's leftist tilt or its bias against Vermont Yankee.  VPIRG's parent organization was founded by Ralph Nader, who, when he ran for President, was too far left for most Democrats.  And of course, VPR did not interview anyone from Vermont for Vermont Yankee  or I am Vermont Yankee ; or Ethan Allen Institute , a think tank which has written cogent and insightful articles over the years about Vermont Yankee.  To be sure those organizations have a point of view.  But so does VPIRG.  And VPR routinely quotes VPIRG, on Vermont Yankee, never quotes other organizations who have a different point of view, and never identifies VPIRG's  hard left tilt.   It is the kind everyday bias that infects VPR, made more troubling because VPR pretends to be unbiased.  Taxpayers should not have to pay to support such an organization.  

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