Friday, March 4, 2011

Shumlin is hilarious

Peter Shumlin, who has a well deserved reputation for a passing relationship with the truth, has made several statements since he became Governor that do not pass the laugh test.   The latest was yesterday when Shumlin announced he wasn't going to abide by an agreement the state made with Vermont Yankee in 2003---when he was in the Senate--in which Yankee is allowed to take 60 years to decommission the plant.  Shumlin says about the agreement:  "If there's a few words in some document of the thousands that no one was told about I think that's too bad. I think that's bad government," Shumlin told Vermont Public Radio. "I think they should have been more transparent if that's what they planned to do. The fact of the matter is your word is your bond in Vermont"  Huh?  Let me see if I can figure this out:  Shumlin is not going to honor "a few words" in a legal agreement.  He says "no one was told about"  them.  Were the "few words" written in disappearing ink?  Didn't the legislature read the agreement the state signed?  Didn't they have legislative counsel review the document?

Then Shumlin makes a completely bizarre statement that "your word is your bond" in Vermont. 
So does that mean he is going to honor the agreement?  No.  It means he is going to reneg on the agreement. 

You can't make this up.  

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