Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Potty Talk

Serena Varley is not the only one complaining about government interference with consumer choice.  So is Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky.  He wants consumer choice in light bulbs, toilets and other consumer items which the government has over-regulated.  Mothers of America, Unite!


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  2. If we could bring consumer choice back by cutting out regulation, think of how that would create an economic boom! The demand must be great! Think of all those people who would build businesses around building the toilet-that-works (and the washing-machine-that works; the dishwasher-that works...) Better than government "infrastructure". (Still not sure how high-speed trains would benefit our family of -- eight; maybe it would be great for the single commuter, but realistically now, who wants eight of us on a train? And where would we go?).