Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Silly Senator Sanders

I have written here and here about Bernie Sander's rigid unblinking ideology which has not changed one iota in over a half century.    Sander's ideology is a product of a lazy mind which doesn't bother to investigate or question his own views and assumptions that were spawned during childhood and college  Now Sanders' stunning laziness has been demonstrated by his "outrage"   over the Smithsonian selling trinkets made in China. Why? Because according to Sanders, American manufacturing has shrunk over the last several decades because Americans buy trinkets from China.  Really.  Sanders is bullying the Smithsonian into purchasing trinkets manufactured in America to sell at the Smithsonian gift shops.  If Americans manufactured such trinkets at American wages, American consumers would not be able to afford the trinkets at the Smithsonian.  Even the ABC story  Bernie cites on his website states that the two American made souvenirs found at the D.C. gift shops were twice the price of similar products sold at the stores that were made in China.  Bernie supposedly cares about the working and middle class, but he wants to price goods out of American consumers' price range.  Americans manufacture  high end products more efficiently; that is why the percentage of Americans in manufacturing jobs has declined over the last 60 years while the American standard of living has increased dramatically.   But Bernie doesn't want to bother to learn about rudimentary economics.  After a lifetime in politics, one would think that Bernie would have learned something about economics in order to better represent his constituents.   That is too much to ask our  clueless and magnificently uninformed Senator.

What effect will Sanders' campaign against the Smithsonian have on his Vermont constitutents?  None.  But that is not Bernie's goal.  He wants his name in the media because he has already started his 2012 campaign, even if his name is attached to a silly subject.    Vermonters deserve better than Silly Senator Sanders. 


  1. The absurd becomes funnier as I get older, and Brooklyn Bernie is just that. I have finally determined how to make some extra retirement money; I am going to invent and market a new drinking game to college campuses. It will come with a DVD of Bernie tirades and you have to drink every time Bernie says outrage, I don't expect any game to last more than 15 minutes.

  2. Pat: you are right, except I think you are giving Bernie too much credit; I think the players would be under the table in 5 minutes, not 15!